Our History

In 1956 Armand DiMatteo Sr. immigrated to the United States from Italy settling in New Britain, Connecticut.  As he was establishing his new life, and to support his family, he worked for Fafnir Bearing Company.  Then in 1966 he founded DiMatteo Concrete and Asphalt Contractor.  At the beginning the jobs focused mainly of residential projects such as sidewalks, driveways, patios and concrete work.  Over the years, and with his son Angelo joining the company in 1979, he expanded to include municipal projects and excavation.

Angelo and Armand Jr.

After the passing of Armand DiMatteo Sr. in 1988, the company was renamed DiMatteo Construction Inc. and managed by his two sons Angelo and Armand Jr.  During the following years the company grew to expand to mass excavation, road building, utility installation, bridge building but still continuing with the concrete and paving projects.

The Vision Continues

Armand DiMatteo Sr. founded the company 56 years ago based on the core values of teamwork, integrity and commitment.  Today, the company upholds its founder’s vision to provide valuable services to clients.  His insistence on quality of service, hard work and responsiveness to client needs remains the company’s motto and has led to its success in a competitive industry.  The company’s ability to address changing conditions and demands, and expand its services has resulted in the company growing far beyond its founder’s dream.

Fifty-six years after its inception, DiMatteo Construction Inc. looks forward towards a future bright with possibility.

We are firmly committed to helping our clients achieve their goals for every project we do